Thursday, November 3, 2011

Would you like to Teach in Tanzania for a year?

By Maureen MescallThe five graduates of NUI Galway who have been teaching in Suji Malindi Secondary School, Tanzania for the past twelve months have just returned home after a very successful time in the school   They enjoyed their time and have made a great difference to the standard of education.   The school had four hundred and fifty pupils and just two teachers prior to the Irish teachers arrival.  The Irishs taught a variey of subjects as well as teaching English to the pupils in the local Primary School and to the people of the village.  They also made many trips to Kenya, Uganda and Zanzibar as well as visiting the Safari Parks in Tanzania.

                                                              A view from the village

Tanzanian Village Renewal are currently looking for graduates ( with a Degree, Masters or Phd) or qualified teachers who would be willing to spend one year starting in Mid January 2012 at Suji Malindi Secondary School.  We would like people who can teach a variety of subjects but particularly Mathematics and the Science Subjects.   There is a house on site available free of charge to the teachers, food is local and very reasonable, the scenery is wonderful and is particularly great for people who like the outdoor life and hill walking.   Tanzanian Village Renewal will pay 450 Euro per month to each teacher and this amount is more than adequate to have a very good lifestyle in Tanzania.

If you are interested please email me Maureen Mescall at either or