Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pics from Suji

Arriving in Moshi

Children Helping

Noel inspecting

Niall Posing

Tom and Enda Busy?

Noe, Charlie and Ger Making the trusses

Yes Darren and Peadar were there!

Tom and Enda worn out!!!

Ger and Aisling measuring Aine?

Rahema Cooking

Day Off!

John Contemplating will I ? wont I ?

Amos, John and Sean holding up!

Sean Plastering with assistants Aisling and Aaron

Belinda getting the African Look.

See No Drink!
Wii we all jump together?

Tom's Designs

Noel with nail!

The presentation!

The Black and the White of the job!

On Safari

Still on Safari!

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